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The Focus of Our Efforts


One-On-One Tutoring




Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment


A primary focus of the Valley Development Association is providing educational opportunities for community members to improve their marketability. These include:

  • GED Support Groups

  • Nursing Program and Support Groups

  • Computer Programming and Repair

  • Music Recording and Production

  • Nutrition and Fitness

  • Auto Repair and Maintenance

  • Hospitality

  • Building Trades



Make a Difference Today

The purpose of the Branch of Youth is mentoring youth for life. It is comprised of three programs:

After School Tutoring

Students from Pre-K through 8th grade meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 to 6 PM for homework help and introduction to computer skills. Community volunteers work with a group of approximately 15 children from the local community.

Summer Enrichment Program

Serving the community for over ten years, this program provides an eight-week summer program for local school-age youth. The program includes field trips, recreation, self-help skills such as cooking, sewing, and house-keeping, children activities. It is conducted by community volunteers and held in the local church and other community venues. The goal is to equip children with necessary life-skills and provides opportunities for children to see things and places not  typically available to them. Field trips have included visits to a local farm,  the 4-H camp, amusement parks such as Kings Dominion, Six Flags, and Busch Gardens, and the National Zoo.

The POWER Program: Promoting Outstanding Work Ethics and Responsibility

Sponsored by the Surry County Office on Youth, this program is an extension of the Crater Region Workforce Youth Program.  The Valley Development program includes students aged 16- 18 and focuses on ten core elements.

These include:

  1. Tutoring, study skills, and instruction

  2. Alternative secondary school services

  3. Summer employment

  4. Paid and unpaid work experience

  5. Occupational skill training

  6. Leadership development

  7. Support services

  8. Adult mentoring

  9. Follow up

  10. Comprehensive guidance and counseling

Beginning in October 2013, we enrolled five local students from Sussex County. They currently meet three days a week and attend weekend leadership events.


The C.W. Vaughan House is a small but special place, located in rural, Southeast Virginia. The house fosters a mentoring community for individuals of crisis situations.  It is host to a faith based, residential program for those  struggling with drugs, alcohol, and other oppressive life problems.  It is available to anyone of at least 18 years of age from all backgrounds regardless of race, religion, or socio-economic status.

The program is geared to helping the total person mentally, physically, and spiritually so that when one has completed its course he will be able to return to his home, community, and job a changed and better person.  To do this we focus on lasting recovery, character development, strengthening work skills, and relapse prevention.

Seeking refuge at the C.W.  Vaughan House  will not only provide physical covering, but occupants will discover a Divine asylum as well.

Applicants will gain individualized structure through daily practices.  They will be directed through a vocational program which enlists them to work at assigned institutions without stipend.  Also, occupants in the program attend church twice a week and special faith oriented programs as well.  Everyone will attend life recovery reinforcement sessions at least twice weekly that will nurture the inner-being, cultivate education, and urge innovative job initiatives to create a stronger work resume’.

All of these measures are  necessary to ensure that each candidate receives the spiritual, emotional, physical and vocational training to combat life altering crises.

Our sole aspiration is to restore people to their true potential, giving them hope and the vital tools needed to rise above any problem.  We truly desire  success in every aspect of their life.

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